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Original artwork by Eva Penzes

Welcome! I hope you enjoy perusing my creations online. Currently, I have 5 greeting cards and one t-shirt design available. These unusual greeting cards and t-shirts are only available here.

You can shop conveniently in my shop hosted by Google Checkout where you can purchase safely with Google processing your credit card. Please enter "duckydeal2012" (without the quotes) into the coupon box on your Google Checkout confirmation page to receive 20% off. Everything is ducky! And best of all-FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

white Duck Mosaic greeting card      black Duck Mosaic greeting card

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Duck Mosaic

7" x 5" glossy greeting cards, blank inside. $1.95 ea.

The original inspiration for this duck greeting card design came when I folded a small sheet of paper four-fold and cut out the duck shape like a paper doll. I unfolded a paper duck which became my logo, business name and domain name. Then the individual ducks multiplied and scattered into a wild mosaic in Photoshop! These would be very nice to use for Easter cards.


Ant Forms greeting card

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Ant Forms

7" x 5" glossy greeting card, blank inside. $1.95 ea.

Ant Forms realizes that the shape of ants, or any insect, can be abstracted into simple units of ovals and lines. These units could then be rearranged to form other shapes in an interesting way.


Ant Forms White T-shirt

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Ant Forms T-shirt

Pre-shrunk cotton shirts available in M, L, XL and XXL. $14.95 ea.

Ant art on the march on t-shirts with White (shown above) or Ash Gray backgrounds. Keep people guessing as to what the secret code of the ants really means!


Topo 5 greeting card

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Topo 5

5" x 7" glossy greeting card, blank inside. $1.95 ea.

For Topo 5, each line was drawn with one of 4 black ink pens, each of a different width, randomly selected when it came time to draw each line. Starting at the top, the natural variations in my hand movements started to form evolving shapes reminiscent of topographic lines. This abstract design is what resulted. The original drawing is 19" x 24" in size.


Calla Lilies greeting card

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Calla Lilies

4-1/4" x 6" glossy note cards, blank inside. $1.85 ea.

The Calla Lilies greeting card is an abstract, pointillistic drawing done in black ink showing several calla lilies nested together. After I finished it, I gave it to my Mom for her birthday. She was very pleased and you will be, too.

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